Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Timeline

Recently I saw on a friend's facebook page some information about a local author. I thought, "Ah, that's interesting," and I clicked to head to that author's facebook page. Now, I'm not sure if there might actually be something wrong with me, but when I hit someone's facebook "timeline" I am immediately lost. I do think the timeline looks kind of cool, but even when I go to my own timline, I usually can't find whatever I'm looking for.
It reminds me of that scene in "A Bug's Life" when the line of ants runs into a leaf and can't go forward because they don't know how to go around it. Panic sets in and an older, more experienced ant steps in and walks them through it. Trouble with the timeline is, it's new to all of us. There is no experienced older ant that I can turn to for help.
Sooo, I didn't get far on that author's page. To me, it was a crazy quilt jumble of disconnected information. I can't help it, I have to have things set up in black and white, clear cut. Someday when I may have a book published, I want people to go to whatever page I might create, and I really hope it will make sense to them. Social networking is really a great thing-I think it's fabulous! I can't wait until I have a book to advertise-but I promise-you come to my page, you won't feel like you have just walked into Harry Potter's maze.


  1. I'm not much of a time line, esp. for pages

  2. I have gotten more used to it, but I can't understand why they don't put things in the order they were posted. And I'll get a notification that three people posted on my timeline, and I click the notice, and it goes only to one post and has no way for me to find the other two. And I usually can't find them on my own, like it's not really on my page anywhere.